And how does a human being go about finding meaning? As Charlotte Buhler has stated: “All we can do is study the lives of people who seem to have found their answers to the questions of what ultimately human life is about as against those who have not.

Viktor FranklMan's Search For Meaning

Red Carpet Life Podcast

Conversations about what makes a life truly significant.

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Unscripted, inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with world changers, neighbourhood shakers, silent revolutionaries and everyday ordinary people doing amazing things in and for the world. Tune in to discover how you too can create a life of deep significance not by getting more for yourself, but by giving more of yourself.

April 12, 2016

Red Carpet Life Podcast – Coming soon…

Unscripted, inspiring, and real discussions with amazing people doing great in our world.  World changers,  neighborhood shakers, silent revolutionaries and everything in between.  Tune in to discover how you can redefine success and discover a truly amazing life of purpose. Coming spring…
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