Honestly, it was a rough day.

Everything that could go wrong did.

A pipe burst.
My kids were fighting like cats and dogs.
Emails were pouring in.
Bills were piling up.
Sleep was next to none.
My pounding headache was icing on the cake.
My husband and I were taking out our stress on each other.
And the stupid.freaking.laundry.

I finally called bull crap on my day and took a drive.

I pulled into a busy parking lot and shut down. I didn’t get out. I didn’t move. I just sat dead still in my vehicle letting myself absorb the calm.

As I sat, I watched.
As I watched, I noticed.
As I noticed, I cried.
As I cried, I changed.

Slowly my icy heart began melting simply by observing what was going on all around me.

I saw an elderly couple holding hands as they walked into the grocery store.

I saw a teenage skateboarder pick up a baby blanket for a mom who didn’t notice she had dropped it.

I saw another mom kiss her baby’s cheek.

I saw a little girl hold open a door for a big football-player-dude, who then patted her on the head in thanks.

I saw a homeless lady wave to a cab driver.

I saw a busker make an entire family smile.

For one whole hour I didn’t think about my stupid.freaking.laundry (and all the other stress of my day) because my mind and heart were captured by random moments of love and kindness. I was inspired.

Each moment a message.
Each message a story.
Each story a life.

The inspiration all around me caused me to stop, refocus, get over myself and remember the bigger picture. And because of it, I learned four important lessons.

One. You never know who is observing your life. Make sure your actions are worth observing.

Two. You never know whom your life is inspiring. Live as though millions are watching.

Three. You never know the impact the people in your community can have on you. Live with eyes and heart wide open.

Four. Your life is a story. What is it saying?

I drove home feeling deeply inspired to do for my family what I had saw my community do for each other. Because isn’t that what life is all about?

Your life is a story – a great story. But you can choose how that story is told. To live a great story, you will surely have to face some kind of risk, hardship, and even pain. But if you are able to look back on a significant life – a life lived fully awake, a life that has changed lives – I believe it will all be worth it. Don’t you? – Noel Brewer Yeatts


Author Cindy Keating

Writer, storyteller, speaker and founder of Red Carpet Life, Cindy believes a life lived in service to others can change the world.

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