Mountain2Mountain’s mission is to empower women and girls in conflict zones.  But we hate the word empower. It’s overused and it’s trite.  But at our core, it’s what we do.

Mountain2Mountain was founded in 2006 to amplify the voices of women and girls through access to education, the power of street art, the solidarity of activism, and the freedom of the bicycle. We became a registered non profit in 2009, and for the past seven years we’ve been working primarily in Afghanistan.

Throughout our evolution, we have stayed fast to the founding concept of voice. Not just amplifying the voices of those we work with,  but sharing it in unique ways. Through art, photography, film, and books.

We are a very small organization, which means we can do more with less, and we can move in ways other NGO’s cannot.  We’re more activist than aid worker. That allows us to move towards what is needed and what inspires us to act, and when needed, to adapt. You are part of that action, your donation, your support enables action.

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