She doesn’t email.
She doesn’t text.
She doesn’t even own a computer.

She isn’t on Twitter

But she and I communicate just fine.

Last Christmas she even passed up on the travel mugs I contributed to the gift exchange because she wouldn’t use them. What? Who couldn’t use a good travel mug?

My Grandma, that’s who.

If Grandma wants to talk to me, she calls.

If Grandma wants to visit, she invites me over for dinner.

If Grandma wants to drink coffee, she takes out two mugs, throws on a fresh pot, lays out some cinnamon buns, and has herself a big ol’ face-to-face. Remember those?


You don’t need a travel mug for that.
You don’t even need an app.

Attention present day culture: there’s something severely wrong with the way we’re doing life when those who don’t own computers are SMARTER.

I had a conversation yesterday that replicated nine previous conversations this month alone: where has genuine connection gone? Hearts are stirring for something more than classes and seminars and workshops and events and conferences and retreats and programs and luncheons and apps and more social media platforms….

People are longing for connection.

They’re longing for community.
They’re longing for heart felt conversation.
They’re longing for meaningful dialogue.
They’re longing to be heard and seen and touched.
They’re longing for friendship.
They’re longing for people to do life with.

I am one of these people. And I know I’m not the only one.

Last year I went to a conference in San Diego (highly recommended) where Sarah Harmeyer shared a vision to serve 500 people around her dining room table one dinner at a time. She calls it, “Neighbor’s Table” and I think she’s a genius. Wait, what, a genius? For inviting people to dinner? Yes! A genius! For inviting people to sit with her around her dining room table as she serves them time, energy, love, connection and food, yes, I call her a genius for that.

What a concept.
A concept my Grandma already gets and does and lives.
A Grandma, who at 80 years of age, is miles ahead of this generation.

So here’s a “forward thinking” thought: I say we go old school people.

Forget high speed.
Let’s go low speed on connection.
Cuz quite frankly, we need more of it.

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