Hope Pak is a start up organization bringing a glimmer of hope to kids in need through backpacks full of school supplies and gifts. The idea was inspired by the founder, Shannon Kozee, and her personal interactions with kids she encountered on her travels. In each case, a backpack and/or school supplies were the number one desire of the child. Backpacks are practical for children when travelling potentially long distances to school. But they are also so much more. A backpack full of school supplies can be the gift of hope for a child. Backpacks are packed and collected during the back-to-school season and then distributed to children through Christian partners in various countries. Each pak is given freely to the child with nothing required in return.

Learn more at hopepak.org, pack a pak, or give to the crowdfunding campaign.

Twitter: @pakuphope
Facebook: facebook.com/hopepak01