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How To Be A Good Online Neighbor

By May 10, 2016 No Comments

In our technology driven mobile world we have a new virtual neighborhood to go along with our physical address.  Our social networks are communities of people we can influence, inspire or drag down depending on our actions.  In the spirit of being neighbourly we’ve come up with 8 ideas for being virtually awesome to those you run with online.


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  1. Think Twice.  Rethink sharing your opinions on the latest trending hot topic. Just walk away. Focus some energy on the rest of this list instead of confrontation or negativity.
  2. Call Someone. Think of someone you usually only text.  Call them and chat for 5 minutes about their day.
  3. Be Authentic and Vulnerable. Instead of posting your next ‘proud moment’ post something about a struggle, pain or difficult time. Don’t fish for feedback or sympathy, but post with true vulnerability. You’ll be surprised at how much this will empower and encourage others in their own struggles to realize real life isn’t as perfect as most pretend on Facebook.
  4. Share Something Helpful For Your Community.Find something about your community, a chance to serve, a good cause or a charity others might not know about.
  5. Find An Old Friend. Look through your contacts for an old friend and just say hello.
  6. Invite Someone For A Meal. Dig into your friends list and invite someone you normally wouldn’t over for dinner or out for lunch/coffee.
  7. Don’t shy away from someone’s pain, but respect privacy. If you know or have heard of someone hurting or going through a tough time, send them a quick email or private message to say you are thinking of them.
  8. Share someone’s ideas. Find an artist, musician, blogger, writer or entrepreneur friend (hopefully without a lot of friends list overlap).  Share what they are doing, along with your endorsement.